jueves, octubre 14, 2004

How Does Wi-fi Affect Website Content?

Do you have a wireless Internet network in your home? More and more people do. It's nice to no longer trip over cables in the living room, that was my main reason. I was alerted by trendwatcher Reinier Evers, in his analysis of the "Online Oxygen" trend, to how these home networks are starting to affect website content.

Evers referred to the decision by AllRecipes.com (also reported in USA Today) to give their site a big overhaul once they realized that people no longer print out recipes to use in the kitchen: they take their whole laptop there. AllRecipes.com has simplified navigation and made it easier to view a whole recipe on one screen.

Epicurious boosted its offerings of how-to videos that users can watch while cooking. And Yahoo has put more focus on a "chatting about what you see on TV" service. Makes perfect sense.

Do you know where and how readers access your website?


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